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Halibut Price Per Pound

What Type of Fish is Halibut?

There are different types of fish known to mankind. One of the common types is halibut. Halibut belong to a collection of three species of large flatfish belonging to the right-eye flounder group. The known types are Greenland, Atlantic, and Pacific halibut. All the known types of halibut reside and feed from the bottom of the seabed.

What Does Halibut Taste Like?

Individuals who have had tilapia will agree that halibut has a closely similar taste. Its white flesh has a mild sweet taste that is usually more rigid and thicker than cod. In fact, halibut’s popularity stems from the fact that it does not have what is normally considered a fishy flavor (Harte, 2019). Instead, it maintains a mild and sweet taste. Its gentle flavor makes it a perfect fit for pairing with bolder seasonings such as basil or pesto.

Is Halibut Healthy?

Halibut fish is very healthy because of its nutritious content like selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, potassium, and omega 3. Medical experts maintain that halibut may help minimize the chances for dementia, heart-related diseases, and metabolic syndrome.

Where Does Halibut Come From

Halibuts are majorly located in the North Atlantic ocean. They are also found in the Barents Sea on the Northern sides of Europe around France and Iceland. In the West Atlantic areas, Halibut can be found around Greenland, Labrador, and Virginia.

What’s The Difference Between a Halibut and Flounder

Halibut and Flounder taste almost similar. However, halibut is more rigid and meaty while flounder is slightly flaky and delicate than halibut. Flounder is also fattier than halibut. Where To Buy Halibut

Halibut can be bought in the seafood markets. There are various seafood markets around the world and each country has its unique seafood market, mostly close to the ocean or transported to remote locations while refrigerated. There are situations when people can order halibut online and have the fish delivered to the desired locations.

Export Market Prices for US Halibut Fish

US halibut fish is usually exported and over the past five years, the export prices have differed greatly (Selina Wamucii, 2021). From 2017 to 2021, the prices in dollars per kilogram for fresh halibut are as indicated below;

2017: 39.587

2018: 42.23008

2019: 48.47436

2020: 50.4966

2021: 50.376

Export Values for US Halibut

US halibut fish export values have varied over the past few years. United States Halibut fish producer price is as indicated in the chart below.

US Halibut Fish Wholesale Price

US Halibut Fish Wholesale Price

Halibut fish wholesale prices for the past few years have also been different. Like any other product in the market, the wholesale prices usually differ based on various factors and there are only a few scenarios when the prices remain constant. In 2022, as would be expected, the price wholesale price range for the fish has differed from the preceding years. The approximate price range for the fish in 2022 was about US$8.85 US$9.56 for every kilogram. This can also be between $4.02 and $4.34 for every pound (Selina Wamucii, 2021). The approximate price for one tonne is US$8837.4 in New York City Washington.

Why is Halibut So Expensive?

The price of halibut has been increasing steadily over the years. It is expensive because have been facing challenges repleting considering the increasingly high demand. Though there are halibuts that are fished directly from the sea, there are those that are farmed. Both wild and farmed halibut can only have their source of production in the Northern waters of the Pacific and Atlantic which are usually cold. Considering that farming is also labor-intensive and the high costs of transportation involved, halibut becomes very expensive in the market (Pynn, 2018).


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