Top Honey Exporters in the World

Top 5 Honey Exporters in the World

Honey has been around since Stone Age. People used it as medicine and a sweetener. Today, honey remains the most popular sweetener in the world.

Honey has become integral to many cultures worldwide. In many places, people use it as a delicacy and ingredient in most dessert recipes.

However, factors like the location or seasonality of flowers affect the flavors of different honey varieties. So where does this delicious treat come from? FrutPlanet will help you source from the top five honey exporters.

The table shows the honey export value for each of the following countries:

No.CountryExports (US$)Net Export Increase/Decrease since 2020
2United States of America23,493,00+11%
6South Africa3,288,000+22%
7Spain128,644,000+ 14.4%


Turkey leads in honey production globally. The country’s geography and favorable environment make it ideal for beehives.

Turkey exports over 10,000 tons of honey worldwide every year. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the most expensive honey comes from Turkey. The nutrient-packed Centauri Honey variety costs over $10,000 per kg.

Turkey exports wide honey varieties, including:

  • Flower honey: This honey comes from bees that directly eat floral nectar. Most Turkish honey production farms produce honey from a single flower type. Turkey’s standard honey includes Hijazi flower honey, rosemary blossom, and lemon blossom honey.
  • Pine honey: this variety is also called ‘Cam Bali.’ The honey comes from bees that rely on honeydew excretion leftovers on pine trees. Three-quarters of pine honey in Turkey is produced in Mugla, Gocek, and Marmaris provinces.
  • Citrus honey: Turkey’s Mediterranean provinces produce this aromatic honey. You’ll mainly find mandarin, lemon, and orange harvests in Antaya, where bees collect nectar from the citrus orchards.

United States of America

Minnesota and Dakota are the most honey exporters in the USA. The areas produce over 200 varieties with different flavors and health benefits.

The common honey varieties exported by the USA include the following:

  • Orange blossom honey: this type of honey is mainly found in the warm regions of the USA, like California and Florida. The honey has a subtle fruity citrus taste, and it’s soft.
  • Buckwheat honey: this honey variety has a deep, bold flavor. Its antibacterial properties make it the perfect choice to treat various infections.
  • Sourwood honey: mainly produced in the Midwestern and Southeast United States.
  • Clover honey: the white, red, Alsike, and yellow clovers are vital in producing this variety of honey. Clover honey has a mild taste.


Mexico is the third leading honey exporter in the world. The country exports over 50,000 tones of honey, worth around $ 155 billion every year. Mexico’s primary honey markets include Belgium, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.

The country has over 52,000 beekeepers operating over 2 million beehives. The primary honey-producing areas in Mexico include:

The states of Campeche

  • Chiapas
  • Guerrero
  • Veracruz
  • Michoacán


Spain’s varied climate creates a favorable environment for bees to produce honey in all seasons. The country is among the top-quality honey exporters in Europe.

Spain produces different monofloral kinds of honey based on geographical location and seasons. They include

  • Holm oak honey
  • Thyme
  • Chestnut 
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Orange blossom

Spanish honey colors vary from amber, light white, and darker black tones—the tastes of this honey range from mild, robust flavor to sweet and bitter.


Russia produces over 120 thousand tons annually. This great honey exporter has shown significant growth since 2014. 

Russia produces some of the following types of honey:

  • Acacia 
  • Pure buckwheat
  • Alfalfa

The above varieties are exported to Germany, Italy, France, and other European countries. The main areas producing honey in Russia are Central Russia, Siberia, and the eastern regions of the country.


Ethiopia is among the leading honey exporters in Africa. The country has a high-altitude terrain with various planet species making it a favorable environment for honey production.

While Ethiopia produces a variety of quality honey, white honey is the most loved by consumers. Its unique flavor from plants like basil, sage, and rosemary gives it a higher price value.

Ethiopia produces some of the following common varieties of honey: 

  • Wenchi volcano honey
  • Rira honey
  • Bore honey
  • Tigray white honey

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Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now better understand the world’s five largest honey exporters. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many other countries produce honey, but they reasonably need to catch up to these top-five exporters regarding their productivity. These countries also export their honey; therefore, you can still experience the best honey in the world!

For exports of all fresh produce, FrutPlanet is your best bet. We’ll take care of the logistics, quality control, and delivery of your produce. To enjoy quality services from our experts, contact us today!

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