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How to Choose the Best Wholesale Honey Supplier for Your Business

Are you in the US $9.7 Billion honey industry but need help finding the best wholesale honey for your business? Struggle no more. There are many wholesale honey suppliers that you can partner with for your business.

However, the hassle is choosing the best from the rest. But that’s where we hope to help you in this article. We’ll guide you on what to look for and why it’s important. But why should you take our advice seriously?

Frutplanet is a leading exporter of fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products, including honey. We have been helping businesses with sourcing and exporting honey for years. Request a quote for wholesale honey now.

#1. Quality

You might be right from the onset if you want to get the quality right. You must choose a supplier who doesn’t compromise on quality. We can’t emphasize more on the importance of quality honey

It’s important to note that not all suppliers meet quality requirements. Therefore, how do you find the right supplier keen on the quality of the honey they supply to you?

A good supplier will:

  • Share with you their source process. 
  • Offer information on the location of beehives and the farmers they partner with.
  • Be open about their quality control process.
  • Give you options on raw or refined honey.

#2. Price

Price should be the last thing you think about when looking for a supplier. Yes! It is essential to choose a supplier you can afford but prioritize quality over anything else. Your customers will be willing to pay more if the quality and packaging are premia.

Research by the Havard Business Review shows that customers are willing to pay more for less. The finding shows that a cheap option does not devalue an expensive commodity. Instead, it brings in some class, especially if the value is well illustrated.

That said, it is advisable to compare wholesalers and how they price the honey. However, remember that cheap doesn’t always translate to lower quality. Find a supplier who promises a balance of quality and pricing. 

FrutPlanet exporter is a reputable supplier of wholesale honey with an extensive reach of farmers in Kitui, Makueni, and Machakos. We offer affordable quotations in relation to the quality of honey that we offer. Whether you want raw honey or just regular honey, we can help you. 

#3. Reputation

Reviews are a great way to determine a  supplier’s reputation. These reviews help you understand the quality of honey, the supplier’s reliability, and the quality of service. 

You can find most of these reviews online on their Google My Business profiles and other peer-to-peer platforms. In addition, you can ask other businesses that have used their services about their experiences. 

If you’re looking for a trusted honey exporter to work with, FrutPlanet can help. We guarantee our customers absolute customer satisfaction on all our orders. We export the best quality for optimum return on investment. Request a quote from us today.

#4. Certifications

Should your wholesale honey supplier have certifications? Yes! Your wholesale honey supplier should have organic, fair trade, and food safety certifications. These certifications demonstrate that the supplier meets quality, safety, and sustainability standards. 

Some of our important certifications include Kephis, KePHIS, KEBS, and HCDA, among others. These certifications assure our customers that we source everything sustainably without exploiting the environment or farmers.

#5. Delivery and shipping

Delivery and shipping are crucial to ensuring your honey reaches your customers on time and in good condition. Check the supplier’s delivery options, including the cost, speed, and reliability. 

Make sure they can meet your delivery requirements and deadlines. If you are importing honey from overseas, ensure the supplier can provide all the necessary documentation and comply with regulatory requirements.

#6. Customer service

You wouldn’t want a wholesale honey supplier who isn’t responsive to your queries and concerns. Good customer service is essential; therefore, choose a responsive and friendly supplier available to answer questions.

The wholesale honey supplier you settle on should be easy to contact and respond promptly to your queries and concerns. The more contact options, the better, but the essential ones are email, active phone number, and responsive social media profiles.


Although choosing the best wholesale honey supplier for your business can be daunting, it is easy. The most important factor is to check the quality control measures, reputation, and the customer service team.

If you’re looking for an exporter and supplier already, contact us. FrutPlanet helps you source the best honey and handle the logistics involved. Request a quote today to buy honey online.

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