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Tilapia Fish Prices in the UK

Tilapia Fish Prices in the UK

Tilapia Market Size in the UK

Tilapia is a common fish in the UK and its market size is based on different factors such as nutritious content and consumer preferences. The market size shifts based on seasons. For instance, the UK sold nearly 1,132 tones of tilapia in 2020 and exported 1406 tones in 2019 (Selina Wamucii, 2021). Statistics indicate that the market demand for tilapia in 2019 within the UK increased with a notable difference of 5.66% when compared to 2018 (Selina Wamucii, 2021). In a nutshell, the UK has seen an increasing market size and demand for tilapia due to its nutritious content.

Where to Buy Tilapia in the UK

            Tilapia is available in various fish markets in the United Kingdom. Consumers can visit the fish centers or order online and have them delivered to the desired destinations. There are numerous seafood wholesalers in the UK each offering different or all varieties that are common such as black, orange, or red tilapia.

Where Does Walmart Get Tilapia?

            Grocers like Walmart have tilapia that has been farmed appropriately from producers like Regal Springs. Walmart is recognized as a multinational retail organization with numerous stores. Given the increasing demand for tilapia, Walmart sources the fish from Regal Springs and makes it readily available for customers.

Tilapia Price Walmart

The price for tilapia in Walmart varies based on the category that a customer intends to buy. For instance, a bag frozen skinless and boneless swai fillet can go for $14.89 and 32 ounces of the same tilapia can go for $9.88 (Walmart, 2022). This shows that pricing is decided based on factors like tilapia category, weight, among others. 3lb of frozen whole tilapia of great value is priced at about $13.24.

Tilapia Price Per Pound

            The price of tilapia per pound depends on the retail store in question or the fish center that is under consideration. The price also varies based on the country being used. In the UK, the average price in 2022 ranges between $2.04 and $2.08 for every pound. These prices are equal to the range of $4.49 and $4.59 for every kilogram.

Export Market Prices For UK Tilapia

            Prices for tilapia in the UK have been shifting from time to time. Prior to 2019, a kilogram of tilapia was sold for $3.30 and $4.59 in 2017 and 2018 respectively. In 2019, the export price for tilapia increased to approximately $4.48 for every kilogram (Selina Wamucii, 2022). If four consecutive years 2016 to 2019 are to be considered, it can be noted that the export market prices for UK tilapia have been rising steadily.

Export Values For UK Tilapia

            The export values for United Kingdom tilapia can best be analyzed from the total figures between 2016 to 2019. The total export values were $ 7,032, $ 7,928, $ 6,506 and $ 6,715 (Selina Wamucii, 2021). All the values are given US dollar thousands and cover 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 respectively. The amount of tilapia that the UK shipped in 2019 totaled an average of 6.72 m USD. This indicates an approximate increase of about 3.29% from the total value exported in 2018. The chart below indicates the value of tilapia through various years in the UK.

Tilapia Fish Prices in the UK export values

United Kingdom Tilapia Wholesale Price

            The wholesale price for tilapia in the UK in 2022 ranged from $4.49 and $4.59 for every kilogram. When the wholesale price is analyzed for every pound, it is estimated to be between $2.04 and $2.09. Considering that this is the wholesale price, the average amount increases according to various factors when retailers or fish centers sell directly to the consumers.


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