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Pollock Fish UK Prices

Pollock Fish UK Prices

Export Market Prices of Pollock fish in the UK

The market prices for Pollock fish have fallen considerably. According to the latest available data, a kilo of Pollock cost $4.86 in 2017 and $4.56 in 2018. With a decrease of -4.334 percent in 2019, the export price was reduced to $4.37 per kilogram.

Commercial Values for Pollock fish in the UK

As cod and haddock populations decline, consumers are searching for a more sustainable whitefish option, and Pollock has emerged as a popular choice for those looking for a whitefish substitute. Pollock is a fine table fish that belongs to the cod family, but it is not valued as highly as cod or haddock because of its perceived inferiority. It is a cheap and sustainable alternative to seafood. Pollock has been renamed ‘Colin’ to appeal to the many people who avoid purchasing it due to its previous name. For two own label breaded Pollock fillets, you can expect to pay £2.73, while a pack of breaded cod fillets costs £3.02, and a box of haddock costs £3.13, according to The Grocer (Sayid, 2018).

During the years 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 in the United Kingdom (UK), Pollock fish exports totaled US$ 76,653, US$ 84,044, and US$ 83,861, respectively. The market for Pollock fish (fish category) in the United Kingdom (UK) has grown by 2.634 percent in 2019 alone, compared to 2018. Exports of Pollock increased by 9.01 percent between 2017 and 2019, totaling US$82.34 million for the exporter in 2019.

Pollock Fish UK Prices

[A chart of UK pollock fish export values]

Wholesale Price for Pollock Fish in the UK

Pollock Fish from the United Kingdom (UK) is expected to cost between $1.98 and $2.07 per pound in 2022, or around $4.37 to $4.56 per pound (lb). It costs GBP 3.15 per kilogram in the British pound sterling price. In Birmingham and London, a tonne of Pollock fish costs US$ 4365.87.

Where to buy Pollock fish in the UK

One can buy Pollock fish from The Fresh Fish Shop in Palmerston House, 1 Commercial Square. The shop offers fresh and quality Pollock fish. Besides, one can place an order and have it delivered promptly. The price is £6 per 260g. Another place one can buy Pollock fish is at Bradley’s in North Feltham Trading Estate. The price per kg is £ 12.95.

Techniques Used to Catch Pollock fish

Rocks, particularly those that lead to deeper water, are ideal habitats for inshore pollock. Because they may be found in any part of the water column, from the bottom to the surface, a broad range of fishing methods can be used to capture them. It is possible to catch fish on the hook and line by using bait such as squid, crab, mackerel, and worms. In terms of hook size, 2/0 or 3/0 in a powerful pattern with clipped down rigs used at the range or one to two flapping hook rigs used closer in are viable options.

Pollock may be caught using spinners, plugs, and, in particular, jelly lures, all of which are successful when fished with a lure. Mackerel, sandeel, and ragworm baits delivered in the middle of the water may also provide some excellent pollock. Free line mackerel strip, head-hooked ragworm, or sandeels into deep water will also work. In the evenings, when pollock are most active and feeding at the water’s surface, some fishermen even utilize fly fishing gear and sandeel-type flies to catch these fish. Pollock may attack at any moment and frequently strike a spinner or plug when the fisherman is very close to retrieving it, so no matter what approach is employed, anglers need always have their thoughts about them.




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