Fruits To Export: A Buying Guide

Fruits to export

The demand for fruits remains robust with increased health awareness and changing demographics. From a business perspective, exporting fruits can be a lucrative option.

Well, there are over 2000 types of fruits you can export. However, the best strategy is to narrow the list to at least the top 15 fruits that Kenyan exporters can help you process.

As experienced fruit exporters who understand the market dynamics, we want to share the top 15 fruits to export. We will also explain how to export, where to buy fruits and more.

Top 15 Fruits to Export From Kenya

1. Apples

buy Apples online

Apples are one of the top fresh fruits to export commodities from Kenya, South Africa, China, Italy, and other leading exporters. The current wholesale apple export price is between US$0.82 and US$1.63 per kilogram. In Kenya, the price per kilo is US$1.21 (Kenyan Shilling 146.89).

You can request a quote for apples in bulk from FrutPlanet exporters.


  •       Long shelf-life 
  •       Available in different varieties
  •       Contain high-fibre content
  •       Contain high antioxidants such as Vitamin C
  •       Improve acetylcholine production to support cognitive function


  •       Not all apples for sale meet international quality standards

2. Avocado

Featuring our top 15 fruits to export list is avocado, a widely consumed fruit in the world. We export most organic avocados to the United States, France, Spain, and Germany. Globally, Mexico and Peru are the largest suppliers of avocados. Kenya leads in the African continent as a producer of Fuerte and Hass avocado.

ripe avocados

The approximate price for organic avocados is between US$ 1.62 and US$ 1.65 per kilogram. With the constantly fluctuating avocado prices, you want to confirm the current cost by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet.  


  •       Supply over 20 vitamins and minerals 
  •       Help lower the bad cholesterol 
  •       Provide a healthy dose of fibre 
  •       Good for the eyes, heart, and brain 
  •       Help with depression and sleep disorders


  •       Highly perishable 

3. Oranges

Fresh oranges make a healthy, delicious snack that billions of people across the globe love to include in their daily diets. Despite the production challenges, orange farmers from Spain, South Africa, and Kenya still dominate the orange fruit export market.

buy oranges online

The wholesale orange prices range from US$ 1.3 to US$ 1.8 per kilogram. The price in Kenyan shilling is KES 130 per kg. Get a quote for exporting oranges in bulk from FrutPlanet.


  •       Reduce the risk of anaemia
  •       Improve kidney health and protect the heart
  •       Facilitate the body’s healing process
  •       Increase collagen production
  •       Form repair skin, tendons, and ligaments


  •       Soaring freight costs 

4. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are an indispensable ingredient in kitchens. These versatile fruits can be cultivated anywhere in the world, but the type of soil impacts the tomato taste. The major tomato export countries, such as China, the United States, and Kenya, have the best soil types to grow best tasting tomato varieties. 

tomato production in Kenya

It is one of the best fruits to export and a kilo of fresh tomatoes goes for about US$1.89 to US$2.85 per kilogram. In Kenyan Shilling, buyers pay KES 310.15 per kilo. Generate a no-obligation quote at FrutPlanet to buy tomatoes online.


  •       Low-calorie fruits
  •       Rich in antioxidants lycopene, beta-carotene, and quercetin
  •       Prevent cell damage
  •       Promote blood clotting
  •       Minimises the risk of chronic inflammation


  •       Shorter shelf life

5. Watermelons

While watermelons have short maturity periods, they thrive in tropical climatic conditions. As such, it is amongst the best fruits to export. Leading exporters, including FrutPlanet source fresh watermelon for export from countries like China, Mexico, and Kenya.

Fresh ripe watermelon

These watermelon export states boast high production levels and budget-friendly prices. The wholesale price of watermelon is between US$ 1.09 and US$ 1.81 per kilogram, or approximately Kenyan Shilling KES 121.56.

When ready to export watermelons, request a quote from FrutPlanet.


  •       Combat free radicals causing prostate and colorectal cancer
  •       Reduces blood pressure
  •       Supports the brain and nervous system
  •       Promotes skin health
  •       Eases constipation


  •       Perishable

6. Pineapples

Nothing beats the taste of ripe pineapples, especially after blending them into juice. Pineapple is one of the best fruits to export globally. The fruit is a firm favourite in most households in Europe, Asia, the United States, and other parts of the world.

Two ripe fresh pineapple fruits

Costa Rica, the Philippines, and Kenya dominate the fresh pineapple export market. Exporters get quality pineapples at the best prices, ranging from US$ 1.20 to US$ 1.26 per kilogram.

The price of pineapples in Kenyan Shillings is KES 154.48. At FrutPlanet, we offer free quotes with up-to-date pineapple prices.


  •       Ease arthritis
  •       Improve gut health
  •       Fights off inflammation
  •       Support metabolic process
  •       Reduces risk of cancer


  •       Take 2-3 years to mature

7. Pears

A typical list of the top 15 fruits to export will, without a doubt, not miss featuring pears. The pears export market is one of the most stable markets, with China, Italy, and Kenya contributing a significant share in supply.

buy bulk pears

Businesses can export different pear types to meet personal tastes and preferences in local markets. Fresh pears cost US$0.7 to US$3 (Kenyan Shilling KES 85-365) per kilogram.

Since price changes more often, request a quote from FrutPlanet before buying pears online in bulk.


  •       Boost digestion
  •       Aide in weight loss
  •       Reduce the risk of heart disease
  •       Reduce the risk of cancer
  •       Reduce the risk of diabetes


  •       High in acidic content

8. Pumpkins

Exporters can buy pumpkins in bulk for approximately US$1.77 to US$2.75 per kilogram from top-producing countries, including China, Spain, Netherlands, and Kenya.

pumpkins for export

In Kenya, buyers pay about KES 333.85 per kilo for pumpkins purchased in bulk. Compare the current wholesale pumpkin prices by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet.


  •       Support skin health 
  •       Suppress appetite   
  •       Low-fat, nutrient-dense fruits
  •       Improve eye health and vision
  •       Longer shelf life


  •       Not all pumpkins meet the global food safety standards

9. Bananas

Whether you’re looking for Burro bananas, cavendish, or just any banana fruits to export to a global market. Most of the fresh bananas you will find in the export market today come from Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Kenya.

banana fruit for export

The wholesale banana prices vary between major export countries, but exporters can expect to pay between US$ 1.26 and US$ 1.75 per kilogram. In Kenyan Shilling, the price is KES 214.46 per kg.

For an accurate cost approximation on banana fruits to export, request a quote from FrutPlanet.


  •       An excellent source of flavonoids, amines, and other antioxidants
  •       Provides prebiotics
  •       Lower blood sugar levels
  •       Help with weight loss
  •       Supports kidney health


  •       Longer maturity periods

10. Mangoes

Nature has also blessed us with good-tasting fruit called mangoes. They are some of the healthiest fruits to export, cheaply available in Thailand, Kenya, Vietnam, and other leading producers.

Mangoes for export

When buying fresh organic mangoes from these countries, exporters pay US$ 1.07 to US$ 1.15 per kilogram. Although the local cost may vary from Australian prices, they approximate Kenyan Shilling KES 141.05 per kilo.

Request a quote to buy wholesale mangoes from FrutPlanet, Kenya’s best mango exporter.


  •       Good for the heart
  •       Prevents diabetes
  •       Contains cancer-fighting properties 
  •       Helps indigestion 
  •       Strengthens the immune system


  •       Mangoes are seasonal fruits

11. Pawpaw

One of the best fruits to export is Pawpaw, with a kilo costing between US$ 1.43 and US$ 1.76 in the export market. Kenya — a leading pawpaw supplier — exports these fruits across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other global markets. The price of pawpaw in Kenyan Shilling is KES 215.86 per kg. The other top exporters include Mexico and Brazil.

buy pawpaw online

FrutPlanet offers free quotes for pawpaw in bulk.


  •       Neutralises the free radicals
  •       Boosts brain health
  •       Improves heart health
  •       Help with constipation
  •       Good for the skin


  •       Highly perishable after ripening

12. Guavas

While guava fruits may not command a strong market like pineapples, apples, and oranges, the fruit performance in recent years shows it’s one of the best fruits to export. The world imports most of its guavas from Thailand, India, and Kenya.

Buy guavas online

Nearly 50% of the guava fruits to exports are destined for the United States, Netherlands, and United Arab Emirates markets. On average, the price of guavas is between US $ 1.2 and $2.2 (Kenyan Shilling KES 269.81) per kilogram.

Get an instant guava quote from FrutPlanet today.


  •       Low glycaemic index
  •       Prevent diabetes
  •       Promote heart health
  •       Improve digestion
  •       Improve eyesight


  •       Seasonal fruits

13. Passion fruits

Passion fruits are also worth featuring in your top 15 fruits to export. People can eat passion as is, while others use it in drinks, desserts, and sauces.

fresh passion fruits

When sourcing sweet and fresh passion fruits to export, consider buying from leading producers, including Brazil, Peru, and Kenya. They offer the best passion fruit prices, ranging from US$0.87 to US$2.61 per kilogram. In Kenya Shilling, the cost is KES 320.

You can request a quote for passion fruits to export from FrutPlanet.


  •       Available year-round
  •       Boost immune system
  •       Maintains a healthy blood pressure
  •       Improves cardiovascular health
  •       Regulates thyroid function


  •       People with sensitive stomachs may experience gastrointestinal issues

14. Strawberry fruits 

Strawberry consumption in households and commercial settings continues to grow, making it one of the best fruits to export in 2023.

Strawberry for export

A kilo of strawberry fruits costs between US$ 0.65 and US$ 9, with most top-producing countries like Spain, Kenya, and Mexico selling at approximately US$3.31.

To make more informed pricing decisions, request a strawberry fruits quote from FrutPlanet.


  •       Filled with antioxidants and plant compounds
  •       Have anti-inflammatory properties
  •       Improves heart health
  •       Controls blood sugar levels
  •       Regulates blood pressure


  •       Some strawberries for sale may contain traces of pesticides

15. Macadamia nuts

We round up our top 15 fruits to export with macadamia nuts, which cost between US$ 8.59 and US$ 13.61 per kilogram. But are macadamia nuts fruits? Yes, botanically, nuts are considered fruits.

fresh macadamia nuts

When you buy macadamia nuts in bulk from Kenya, the price per kg in Kenyan Shilling is KES 1666.54. Kenya is a top macadamia-producing country, alongside South Africa and Australia.

For an accurate macadamia nuts cost approximation, request a quote from FrutPlanet.


  •       Help with diabetes 
  •       Supports weight loss
  •       Improves heart health 
  •       Boost gut health 
  •       Improves metabolism 


  •       Trees take years to reach harvest

How To Export Fruits From Kenya

Apart from these top 15 fruits, there are other export fruits and products that FrutPlanet can help you source too. That said, here’s how to export these top 15 fruits from Kenya.

Step 1: Partner with a reliable fresh produce exporter

Despite it being easy to determine the fruits to export, the whole venture presents unique challenges. Fortunately, fruit exporters such as FrutPlanet can take care of the harvesting and streamline the logistics. At FrutPlanet, we buy fruits directly from contracted farmers within our network.

Step 2: Request a quote

The prices of fruits constantly fluctuate depending on the season, varieties, market supply, demand, and more. This proves it futile to determine the cost of the fruits to export. Therefore, buyers can only confirm the fruit prices when they request a quote.

After requesting a quote from FrutPlanet, our experienced customer support team will reach out with all the necessary information.

Step 3: Confirm your order to purchase

If you are satisfied with the fruits to export and prices quoted, you should confirm the order within the specified period. At FrutPlanet, the validity of the quotation is three days after the date of issue.

Step 4: Logistics and operations

After confirming payment for your wholesale fruit order, FrutPlanet notifies the processing team to start the harvesting process immediately. There’s not much to do from this point for the buyers.

We harvest from carefully selected farms that use sustainable methods. We monitor these farms from the growing stages to harvesting to ensure fruits produced contain an acceptable maximum residual level (MRL) limit.

The harvest is hygienically cleaned, sorted, and packaged according to the buyer’s weight and other specifications. Our packaging options, methods, and techniques meet international shipping standards.

All agricultural commodities are lab-tested by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) and have a quality assurance seal.

Step 5: Shipping

After approving the quality and safety of the fruit samples, the packaged commodities get delivered to the shipping agent. Hard copies with all the order details accompany your cargo. At FrutPlanet, we ship all farm produce orders on FOB or CIF terms. It is also worth highlighting that we ship by air, and the delivery takes 2-4 days.

Where To Buy Fruits

After learning how to export, you probably want to know where to buy the fruits to export. Ideally, consider exporting fruits from countries that lead in production and supply. Kenya is one of the best places to buy fruits at market-friendly prices.

When you want to export these fruits stress-free from Kenya, partner with reputable exporters such as FrutPlanet. We handle everything while you sit back and wait for the delivery of the fruits. In other words, we source, process, pack, and ship to destinations worldwide.


These top 15 fruits to export are an excellent option for businesses experiencing high local prices or fruit shortages. However, fresh agricultural produce can contain harmful germs and contaminants.

Ensure the exporters you use source fruits from farmers with local and global certifications. At FrutPlanet, we adhere to the highest standards and regulations, guaranteeing the best fruit quality.

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