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    FrutPlanet takes the lead as Kenya’s prime supplier and exporter of fresh farm produce. We have served the industry for years. FrutPlanet guarantees excellent service when you buy pumpkins in bulk by managing everything from sourcing to delivery. 

    Pumpkins Production in Kenya

    Where do pumpkins come from? Pumpkins, fruits with the nutritional value of vegetables, originated from Native Americans. Though previously disregarded and thought to be ‘poor man’s food, pumpkins have lately gained popularity in Kenya. 

    Production of pumpkins in Kenya is common as they grow in altitudes of 2500 metres above sea level. Pumpkin farmers in Kenya rely on suppliers like FrutPlanet to sell their produce locally and internationally. You can buy pumpkins in bulk by requesting a quote.

    Nutritional Value Of Pumpkin

    It’s a powerhouse of vitamins like vitamins A, B2, C, and E that enhance immunity. Vitamin C maintains healthy skin by protecting cells from damage and wrinkles. Since they have no fat or cholesterol, pumpkins are great for weight management. Additionally, they are packed with an antioxidant called beta-carotene which neutralizes free radicals in the body.

    • Kenya’s Bulk Pumpkins Exporter and Supplier

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        Kenya’s Bulk Pumpkins Exporter and Supplier

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        Types Of Pumpkin

        Farmers in Kenya are increasingly growing pumpkins as they yield great returns. Types of pumpkins are grouped according to shape, colour, ridges, spots, and stripes. Common pumpkin varieties found in Kenya include; butternut squash, Atlantic giant, Cinderella, and baby bear. 

        Kenyan farmers farm bigger pumpkin varieties for higher productivity of the fruit and seeds. While normal-sized pumpkins weigh 4 to 11 kilos, the giant pumpkins weigh from 20 to 30 kilos each. The giant pumpkins can fetch from KES. 500 each in the local market. Examples of giant pumpkin varieties are the white giant from South Africa, the Egyptian giant, the Israel giant, Dola, and the squach.

        Wholesale Pumpkins Prices In Kenya

        The wholesale price of pumpkins has soared from $1.70 in 2019 to U.S. $2.75 per kilo in 2022. Pumpkin wholesalers have seen the local and export price of pumpkins fluctuate over the years. In 2021 Kenya exported more pumpkins than in 2020. Furthermore the export price for pumpkin exports in Kenya declined to US $94 in 2019 from US $ 143 in 2018.

        The wholesale prices of bulk pumpkin in Kenya is KES. 333.85. Would you like to order pumpkins in wholesale? You can buy pumpkins in bulk by contacting us and request a quote for the current wholesale pumpkin prices. 

        Sorting, Processing, and Packaging Bulk Pumpkins

        Due to the variations in size and shape of pumpkins, to buy pumpkins in bulk, sort and package can be challenging to some suppliers since most don’t conform to market standards. However, at FrutPlanet, we have expertise in sorting and packing farm produce. We are F.D.A. certified, and our bulk pumpkins are packaged in quality ways.

        Our team of trained personnel sorts the pumpkins for overripe ones that might produce ethylene which eventually causes decay. We also ensure that bruised pumpkins are not packed as they have shorter shelf life. We sort quality pumpkins according to size and shape and pack them in reinforced and well-ventilated cartons. Bigger pumpkins are stored in mesh sacs to reduce damage.

        In addition, we comply with health boards, and our products are hygienically packaged and inspected by the KEPHIS board. As part of the UN sustainability goals, we have also joined the campaign for clean oceans and have a strategy to discontinue the use of plastic by the year 2035. Buy pumpkins in bulk by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet today.

        Bulk Pumpkins Delivery by FrutPlanet Exporters

        How do we deliver bulk pumpkins? Since we have a large customer base in Europe, the U.S.A., the Middle East, and Australia, we have a streamlined shipping process. Our deliveries are mostly by air to reach their destination fast. After ordering pumpkins in bulk from us, you will get a quotation from which you will proceed to pay on F.O.B. or C.I.F. terms.

        You can buy pumpkins in bulk by contacting FrutPlanet. If you need more information on shipping and delivery, contact our customer service team. Our high sorting standards ensure that you receive pumpkins in optimal conditions. 

        Where to Buy Pumpkins

        If you are wondering where to buy high-quality bulk pumpkins near you, look no further than FrutPlanet. You are guaranteed fresh produce that meets global food standards and is G.A.P. and HCDA-approved. At FrutPlanet, we work directly with trusted farmers to deliver only premium pumpkins. What is more, our farmers use environmentally friendly farming methods.

        You can buy pumpkins in bulk by requesting a quote from FrutPlanet today, where you use different modes of payment for your convenience. Request a quote today for premium pumpkins!

        Frequently Asked Questions About Pumpkins

        • Do Pumpkins Have A Ready Market?

        Pumpkins have a vast market as they are versatile. Apart from being used as a superfood, they are also sold for ornamental purposes. There is a growing demand for pumpkins and in 2021 countries posted millions of dollars in exports. The preference for processed foods that are readily packaged is a driver for greater demand for this fruit. Pumpkins are a lucrative opportunity for those who are looking for business ventures.

        • How Do You Know Pumpkin That Is Of High Quality?

        Can you tell when a pumpkin is of great quality? Proper harvesting and storage of pumpkins are crucial in ensuring quality as harvesting them too early gives a bland quality. On the other hand, poorly storing pumpkins after harvesting makes them grow mould and rot.

        Pumpkins of poor quality are unmarketable so buy pumpkins in bulk only from reliable suppliers to enjoy the best quality. 

        • When Should Pumpkins Be Harvested?

        Pumpkins are best harvested during the dry season. They are ready to be picked with a uniform solid hue and have a hard rind. Picking pumpkins with a soft rind shortens their shelf life which is a waste. Additionally, harvesting should not be based on the size of pumpkins but on maturity. At FrutPlanet, we carefully select mature pumpkins, as quality is our core value!

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        • Buy Lemongrass Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Don’t let your business run out of lemongrass when FrutPlanet exporters can help supply in bulk from Kenya. We are a key player in sourcing and exporting a wide range of herbs like lemongrass. Our company partners with an extensive pool of contracted smallholder farmers to help customers buy lemongrass online fast. We have enough to supply to our lemongrass buyers worldwide. 

          Lemongrass Farming In Kenya

          Lemongrass farming started earlier before Kenya gained her independence. However, growing lemongrass for sale in international markets didn’t happen until the late 1960s and early 1970s. The magical herb is common in Kenya; you can easily find it in every garden of people who understand the lemongrass benefits

          The production of lemongrass has increased significantly in the last decade, making Kenya a top exporter. In 2021, Kenya exported approximately 5.51 million metric tons of lemongrass, valued at US$22.05 million. 

          Other leading countries in lemongrass cultivation include India, China, Guatemala, South Africa, and DRC. If you are looking for reputable lemongrass exporters in Kenya, FrutPlanet deserves a top spot on your list. We have compliance certifications from agricultural bodies like Global GAP, HCDA, and Sedex. 

          We pride ourselves in well-managed contract farming. Our company sources only from contracted farmers. These farmers are trained and certified to grow lemongrass following our specified quality standards.

        • Kenyan Hypericum Flower Exporters And Suppliers Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Hypericum is one of the best flowers to export from Kenya. The Kenyan hypericum flower stands out mainly because of its strong scent, bright colours, and long shelf life. Have you been looking for a Kenyan hypericum flower exporter and supplier unsuccessfully? 

          Look no further; FrutPlanet is the largest exporter of hypericum in Kenya with extensive sourcing capabilities of fruits, vegetables, cereals, flowers, and more. We’re a Kenyan hypericum flower exporter to global markets in the United States, European Union, Asia, and more.

          FrutPlanet is committed to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and only sources flowers from growers who demonstrate their commitment to the same. You can email or call our customer service team to discuss your order.

          Hypericum Flower Farming In Kenya

          Kenya has a reputation in the flower industry. The country ranks fourth as the 4th largest hypericum flower exporter worldwide, after the Netherlands, Colombia, and Ecuador. Kenya’s 2021 flower total export values were $725 million, shelving 6.67% of the global market share.

          The growth of hypericum flowers in Kenya began in the late 20th century. This was after the formation of the Kenya Flower Council (KFC). The council consists of independent growers and exporters and has been operating since 1996. Before the formation of the association, the most visible flower varieties were roses.

          The council brought about exposure to the different varieties among farmers. In addition, the exporters would share with the growers which varieties are more marketable. In effect, KFC made accessing flower growers super easy. 

          The Kenyan hypericum flowers are grown in over five counties, including Nakuru, Kericho, Nyandarua, Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Kitale, Naivasha, Thika, and more. At FrutPlanet, we have access to dozen growers and can help facilitate your order should you request a quote today.

        • Order Molluscs Online From Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Businesses intending to import Molluscs, Crustaceans, or any other seafood can count on FrutPlanet to help them source and ship quality products. We pride ourselves in making it convenient for customers to order Molluscs online anywhere in the world. Our methods, strategies, systems, and approaches comply with the GlobalGAP Aquaculture Certification standards. We are the trusted brand to seek whenever you want to buy Molluscs online.

          What Is A Mollusc

          A Mollusc is a group that typically represents marine invertebrate animals covered with hard shells to protect their soft body. The animals include snails, octopuses, clams, slugs, oysters, and mussels. 

          Mollusc farming started in Europe during the Roman reign before it spread to Asian countries, particularly China and India. Today, China is the leading producer and exporter of Molluscs. In 2020, China exported Molluscs worth $1.94B, followed by Spain ($563M), India ($511M), Indonesia ($436 M), and Peru ($433M). 

          Sourcing overseas presents unique challenges for businesses. Fortunately, you can shift those challenges to FrutPlanet. We source, process, package, and ship Molluscs worldwide without hassle. Whether you want farm-raised or sea-sourced Molluscs, we can help you order Molluscs online from fishermen and farms that meet the BAP standards.

        • Buy Onions Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          FrutPlanet is a GlobalGAP-certified fruit and vegetable exporter dedicated to sourcing and supplying top-of-the-line freshֲ farm produce, including onions. We are quality-focused red onion exporters, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction whenever you buy onions online.

          Don’t let logistics stress you at any bulk onion ordering stage. Instead, request a quote to buy onions online with FrutPlanet. In addition, our global export services cover other products, such as spices, beverages, cereals, and seafood.

          Growing Onions

          Kenyans have been cultivating onions since ancient times. They are one of the leading onion producers, with strong export markets in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other parts of the world.

          In 2019, the alliaceous vegetable exports from Kenya totalled USD 9.049 Million. However, the exports dropped by 79% to USD 1.818 Million in 2020 due to COVID-19. In 2021, the exports increased by 41% to USD 2.564 Million.

          FrutPlanet understands logistics present a challenge to overseas customers looking to buy onions online from the world’s leading onion producers like China, Kenya, Egypt, India, and Tanzania.

          Our onion export service can take the burden off your shoulders when sourcing from these suppliers, especially in Kenya. We pride ourselves in having established an extensive network and can help you buy from smallholder onion farmers who cannot sell directly in the international market.

        • Buy Oregano In Bulk Online From Kenyan Exporters Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Save money every time you buy oregano in bulk from FrutPlanet. We help wholesalers, retailers, traders, individual customers, and other oregano buyers to source premium quality herbs from Kenya. Our agricultural produce export company has a global market reach, with a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. We offer great oregano prices and deliver fast. Generate a quote to buy oregano in bulk now. 

          Oregano Growing In Kenya

          Agriculture dominates the Kenyan economy, with many farmers turning to high-value crops and herbs like oregano. Oregano farming thrives in the country, especially in Nakuru, Naivasha, Kilifi, Makueni, Nyandarua, Laikipia, and Kiambu. 

          The millions who have embraced oregano growing in Kenya are smallholder farmers. Nevertheless, with the help of oregano exporters — through closely controlled farming — these farmers can supply their herbs worldwide. 

          China, India, Germany, the United States, Spain, Egypt, and Kenya contribute a significant share of the global oregano oil market, valued at USD 10.63 Billion in 2021. Experts predict the market value could reach USD 17.6 Billion by 2029.

          Are you ready to order organic oregano from Kenya and other leading oregano farming nations? Let FrutPlanet help you buy oregano in bulk online through our vast network. We also help buyers source vegetables, fruits, legumes, flowers, beverages, etc.

        • Kenyan Millet Wholesale Supplier And Exporter Sold By: FrutPlanet

          Sub-sahara Africa is one of the most conducive environments for millet growing. At the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa is Kenya which presents a good environment, competitive for millet growth. Kenyan millet wholesale suppliers and exporters handle both local and international supplies mainly because it’s suitable for infant feeding and dishes for the sick, among other things.

          We’ve got your back if you’re looking for a millet wholesale supplier, exporter, or any other agricultural product supply. FrutPlanet is a leading millet wholesale supplier and exporter, helping businesses with export logistics for years. You can buy online from FrutPlanet by requesting a quote.

          Millet Growing Areas In Kenya

          Millet growing areas in Kenya include western, Nyanza, rift valley, and Mt Kenya. Millet performs well in this region because of their rich soils and the high rainfall. The areas receive over 250mm per annum and have varying soil varieties. 

          The world’s largest exporters of millet as of 2020 include the United States, Ukraine, India, and Russia. Although Kenya is not one of the top world’s largest millet exports, it could export has an export volume of over USD 107K annually. Most of the Kenyan millet is destined for global markets such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Europe.



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