French Beans Farming And Market In Kenya

Kenya is a big agricultural country. The French bean farming and market in Kenya is growing every year. There are many reasons for this, mainly because French beans are a high-value crop. That means farmers can profit by growing them and exporting them.

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Types of French Beans in Kenya

The fresh market French beans are market-ready without further processing. These French beans are grown on both small and large-scale farms in Kenya.  The most popular varieties of French beans in this category include; Serengeti, Pekara, Samantha, Belcampo, Teresa, and Paulista.

It’s the second category of French beans grown in Kenya. The processing French bean variety is grown on large-scale farms and requires further processing before it is market ready. These French beans are typically used in canning and processing industries. The most popular varieties of French beans in this category include; Sasa and Julia.

Kenya is one of the leading producers of French beans in Africa. Its high production is due to the favourable climatic conditions and the rich soils on Kenyan farms.

Several factors affect the French bean market in Kenya. They include;

The type of French bean: The price of fresh market beans is usually lower than the processing variety. It’s because the fresh market beans are time bound. On the other hand, the processing variety can wait until the market stabilises.

The time of year: The price of French beans is usually lower during harvesting. The supply is generally high as compared to the demand. The price gradually increases as the harvesting season comes to an end.

The quality of the beans: The higher the quality, the higher the price. Buyers are more willing to pay more for a product that is of high quality. Besides, French bean exporters in Kenya are more inclined to buy french beans of a higher quality as they can command a higher price in the international market.

Other factors that could disrupt the French bean market include climatic conditions during the growing season, and policy changes by the Kenyan government, among others.

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French beans are a nutritious and healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals. They are a good source of dietary fibre and protein. You can eat French beans canned or frozen, and some people eat them raw.

French beans farming and market in Kenya has significantly increased in recent years. There are two categories of French beans grown in Kenya. They include the fresh market variety and the processing French bean variety.

How Long Does it Take to Harvest French Beans?

French beans grown in Kenya are ready for harvest within 45-70 days. Where they fall within the range depends on the environmental factors you grow them in.

Kenya’s French beans farming calendar begins in October and ends in December. It’s the time when most farmers plant their crops. The harvesting period begins in January and ends in March.

However, the timeframe is not a one-fit-all situation. If you live in warm areas, You can push the schedule back to august to ensure your french beans will be ready on time.

French beans are typically harvested by hand. However, sometimes, farmers use small knives or scissors to cut the beans from the plant. The beans are then placed in baskets or bags and sold to the market.

French Beans Exporter from Kenya

Most fresh french beans farmers look up for market immediately after harvest. However, French bean exporters in Kenya buy processing varieties and store them in warehouses. After caning and processing, they are then shipped to the market. The marketing calendar in Kenya depends on the type of French beans.

French Beans Market in Kenya: Where can I sell French Beans in Kenya?

The French bean market in Kenya is relatively constant throughout the year. However, the demand is highest from January to March, which is the harvesting season.

The primary market that most commercially growing farmers focus on is external markets. French beans grown in Kenya are typically exported to Asia and Europe.

The external markets offer farmers competitive prices as compared to the local market. Most farmers whose harvest meets the quality look for French beans exporting companies in Kenya, such as FrutPlanet.

The company then helps the farmer with the exporting logistics. The process is often frustrating to the farmer if they personally export.

The benefit of exporting your french beans with FrutPlanet is that the company handles the logistics. Additionally, we have a network in various global markets. What’s better, you get access to a wide range of buyers for your product when you register.

On the other hand, buyers don’t have to spend time sourcing for farmers. They can also create a buyer’s account and access a list of registered farmers.

Therefore, if you are a farmer or buyer and want to sell or buy french beans, kindly register with us. We gladly help you get started on your exporting journey.

The local market is not as competitive as the external markets. However, it is a steady market that you can rely on, especially if your harvest does not meet our export quality standards.

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