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Strawberry is one of the most delicious fruits on the market and its demand is constantly increasing. If you’re looking for a country to buy strawberries in bulk, Kenya is a good place to get started. But who is the strawberry exporter from Kenya that you can trust?

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Strawberry Farming In Kenya

Strawberry farming in Kenya didn’t start long ago, but farmers have joined the activity with a bang. Today, farmers in Machakos, Murang’a, Kiambu, and Naivasha have joined strawberry farming and are leaping big.

There are many different types of strawberries, each with unique flavours and characteristics. Here are some of the common strawberry varieties with pictures in Kenya.

Types Of Strawberries

The Cambridge Favourite Strawberry is the best variety of strawberries in Kenya. It yields medium size, orange-red berries that are sweet and juicy. Most strawberry farmers in Kenya love this variety because it’s reliable and tolerant.

The fruit’s estimated time for yielding ranges between 16 and 20 months. Manufacturers often use this variety to produce jams, jellies and pies.

The Fern strawberry is an overbearing variety with a small, delicate, sweet-smelling berry. Its best yielding seasons are spring, winter, and fall, although it performs well all year round here in Kenya.

It’s loved by many because you can eat it free or preserve it without losing its unique flavour. This strawberry variety is grown mainly for export due to its small size. The plant has an open, spreading growth habit and reaches 1-18 inches tall.

Pajaro came into existence in 1979 as an improved cultivar for the summer season and is probably the sweetest strawberry variety. Unlike most strawberries, the Pajaro berries are firm, symmetrical and uniform in size. In addition, the berries are a large, bright red with firm flesh and excellent taste.

Although the cultivar was engineered for the California region, it’s one of the most popular varieties grown in Kenya. Farmers and exporters love it due to its large size and sweetness. The plant has a compact growth habit and typically bears fruit within 16 months.

The Douglas is one of the rare kinds of strawberries, but the plant is a vigorous variety with clear foliage. The plant yields berries that are canonical in shape and have an orange-red colour. The berries are tasty, and the flesh is firm, making it resistant to damage during transport.

The Chandler strawberry is a high-yielding, everbearing cultivar that produces delicious, bright red berries. It yields earlier in the seasons, and the fruits are large with a wedge shape.

Most local farmers love this variety due to its fast maturity,  consistent production and excellent resistance to pests and diseases. The plant is susceptible to root rot, especially when you overwater it in low-drained soil.

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Benefits of Eating Strawberries

There are vast benefits to eating strawberries, and below are some of the most popular ones.

Strawberry Benefits For Men

Strawberry Benefits For Females

Studies have shown that men who eat a diet rich in antioxidants, such as those found in strawberries, are at a lower risk for developing prostate cancer. This is because these nutrients help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. They have chemoprotective phytochemicals that regulate the initiation and progression of cancer.

Strawberry juice benefits men and women by boosting your libido. This is because they are rich in vitamin C, essential for producing testosterone and other hormones important for sexual health.

There are dozens of strawberry benefits in pregnancy period to women. The fruits are a good source of Vitamin B (folate), essential to women trying to conceive. Folate helps in the development of the spine, skull, and brain. It also prevents congenital disabilities and promotes a healthy pregnancy.

Usually, the body develops wrinkles and sagging skin due to ageing and stress. However, when you eat strawberries, they have ellagic acid, which helps delay the signs of ageing. In addition, the substance helps protect the skin from damage caused by the sun and other environmental factors. Ellagic acid improves collagen production, which gives skin its elasticity.

Other Benefits of Strawberries

Below are the nutritional benefits of strawberries, even though the list is not exhaustive.

Strawberries Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Eating strawberries helps regulate blood sugar levels due to their high fibre content. The berries have ellagic acid and antioxidants that help slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Additionally, strawberries also keep people with existing diabetes keep it in check.

Strawberries Boosts Body Immunity

Strawberries contain antioxidants and vitamin C, essential for boosting the body’s immunity. These nutrients help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, helping to keep you healthy and free from disease.

Strawberries Lower Cholesterol

Another health benefit of strawberries is that they can help lower cholesterol levels. This is due to their high fibre content, which helps remove excess cholesterol from the body.

Other benefits of eating strawberries include their ability to improve vision, reduce inflammation, and fight cancer. However, these are just some of the most popular benefits that people experience. Whether you eat them fresh or frozen, strawberries are a delicious and healthy way to enjoy all the benefits that they have to offer.

Strawberry Market Prices

You might be asking, what country do strawberries come from? The world’s largest producer of strawberries is the United States, seconded by Mexico. Kenya hasn’t been a significant producer of strawberries in the international markets. As a result, the strawberry prices in Kenya have wildly fluctuated over the years.

Here are the strawberry price per kg for export in the previous years:



Price per Kg












We expect the wholesale prices for exports to improve in the future and to range between the US $0.65 and $9. On the other hand, the current strawberry price per kg at Kenyan local markets is Ksh. 70.49 per Kg, although it varies depending on the season.

When you buy Kenya strawberries from Frutplanet, you can be sure you’re getting the tastiest berries available. So why not order some today and enjoy the sweet flavour of Kenyan strawberries?

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