Hass Avocado Varieties

How to Identify and Distinguish Between Hass Avocado Varieties

Most customers request pure Hass avocado varieties but receive a Hass avocado look-alike. If you haven’t figured it out yet, several Hass avocado cultivars exist. These varieties have been crossed with other types of avocados, such as Pinkerton, Fuerte, and more. 

If you want to order any of the Hass avocado varieties, contact us now. FrutPlanet is a leading supplier and exporter of avocados in Kenya, and we guarantee our customers unmatched satisfaction on all orders. But what are Hass avocados, and what are the existing varieties?

Hass avocados are the most popular avocado variety grown in Kenya and in most African countries.  The factors behind its popularity are the global market and good pricing. There are several Hass avocado varieties grown in Kenya that, include:

  • Giant Hass Avocado.
  • Golden Hass Avocado.
  • Original/ Pure Hass Avocado.
  • Pinkerton Hass Avocado.

But how do you distinguish between these Hass avocado varieties?


Nothing distinguishes the Hass avocado variety from other avocados than its appearance. Generally, Hass avocados are slightly smaller than the usual Fuerte avocados, and their skin texture is dark green when fresh but changes to black when ripe. All Hass avocados varieties have the same physical appearance, making distinguishing them slightly difficult. 

The Giant Hass avocado is slightly bigger than all the other varieties, while the Golden Hass avocado has shiny skin. On the other hand, the Pinkerto Hass avocado has a protruding upper section that attaches to the tree, while the Original/ Pure Hass avocado is smaller and round. 

The difference in physical appearance between the Hass avocado varieties is mainly because the original variety was close to the Pinkerton and Fuerte avocados.

Texture and Firmness

Original Hass varieties have thick green skin and are firmer even when ripe. This is one of the reasons why this avocado is highly preferred for export. In addition, the skin is characteristically rough, whether rough or fresh.

The texture is noticeably different in the Hass avocado varieties because they are close to varieties with different textures. For example, the Pinkerton Hass variety is less rough than the pure Hass variety, and its skin is also less firm and thin, resembling the Pinkerton avocado.


Despite its distinctive appearance, Hass avocado has a nutty, rich, slightly fatty, sweet flavor. The taste gets stronger depending on the ripeness levels and the growing conditions of the Hass tree. The taste of the four Hass avocado varieties varies, with some slightly stronger. 

The pure Hass variety has the three varieties’ strongest, most unique taste. The Pinkerton Hass Avocado variety is watery and has lower fats concentration, and they also tend to have a larger seed than the pure variety. 

There you go; those are some of the distinguishing features. That said, what are Hass avocado seasons?

Hass Avocado Varieties Seasons

Hass avocado varieties are available year-round in many regions. But, the peak seasons may vary depending on the location and climate. In Kenya, Hass avocado varieties’ peak season is mid-February to mid-June. However, the season may extend depending on the region. The central region in Kenya has its first harvest season in mid-February, while eastern counties such as Kitui and Machakos have their peak season in mid-March.

The main producers of Hass avocados are Mexico, Peru, Chile, California, and Colombia. Mexican avocado peak season starts in mid-August and ends in December. On the other hand, Chile’s peak season starts in October and ends in December. Chile’s main export destination is the Netherlands, a re-distribution center for Europe and England.

If you’re looking to source these Hass avocado varieties, it is important to understand that the timelines we stated above may shift depending on weather and climate. Therefore, you should consider consulting or partnering with a local supplier and export to be on the right track with the timelines.

The Verdict

In conclusion, identifying and distinguishing different Hass avocado varieties may not be a walk in the park as the differences are minor. However, once you know where to look, you’re halfway done. Check the appearance, texture, flavor, and firmness. 

If you’re considering ordering Hass avocado varieties in bulk, contact FrutPlanet. We are an established local supplier and exporter with extensive experience sourcing avocados. We have a network of Hass avocado growers in Kenya and can deliver worldwide. You can contact us by requesting a quote or by email.

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