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Frutplanet is the unbeatable Kenya snow peas supplier committed to providing quality snow peas to local and international markets. We pride ourselves on having the largest network of farmers growing snow peas in the country. But are organic snow peas even worth your attention?

Kenya is a leading producer of snow peas and competes in various European markets with countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe. But finding the right Kenya snow peas supplier may not be a walk in the park as some may not meet bulk orders. So who’s your best export partner?

Frutplanet is the best fresh fruit and vegetable exporting company to partner with. The company has been successfully delivering orders and satisfying customers for years. The ordering process is effortless; you just need to create a buyer’s account and order through a custom order.

But before you learn how Frutplanet exporters can help you, here is a quick dive on growing snow peas in Kenya.

What Are Snow Peas?

The snow peas are flat, thin-walled edible-pod peas. You eat them whole with seeds and pods. The snow peas and sugar snap peas are from the same cultivar group, the Pisum sativum var Macrocarpum. The cultivar’s name was coined in 1825.


Growing Snow Peas In Kenya

Before sowing, there are a few things worth noting.  You need to do a soil pH test before you sow. Snow peas perform well in soils within the range of 6.0 and 6.8. Additionally, your garden should have enough sun exposure for optimum yielding.

In addition, lay a support system that the snow peas vinings will hold on to. Support keeps the peas off the ground, prevents the pods from rotting, and improves yield. On average, snow peas vinings grow as tall as six feet, therefore make the poles at least eight feet. Once everything is set, it’s time to sow. 

Snow Peas’ most reliable method of sowing peas seeds is directly into the garden. Snow peas are legumes. Therefore, planting them in a seed bed and later transferring them will adversely affect the roots. Instead, sow the seeds directly into the soil.

You should ensure that you sow the snow peas  1 to 1.5 inches deep and at least an inch apart. The rows should be at least 20 inches apart to leave room for the expansion of the snow pea plant when fully mature.

Once you sow, it is advisable to mulch the garden lightly. Mulching keeps the soil’s room temperature regulated and prevents it from losing moisture. Once the peas sprout, after about one week, ensure they have at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.

When it’s weeding season, use a hoe and cultivate lightly around the snow pea plants. Consider uprooting the weeds by hand rather than using a hoe if possible. Weeding shallowly ensures that you don’t disturb or destroy the root structure.

The snow peas season for harvesting starts approximately two months after planting. As you care for the peas, you will probably notice the pod start swelling.  Once the peas are mature,  harvest the peas daily or after two days.

How To Clean Snow Peas

Snow peas, also known as Chinese pea pods, are an essential recipe in various dishes. You can either eat them raw or cooked. Here is the process on how to clean snow peas.

  • First, you need to rinse them under water. Use running water and a porous bowl to erode any possible debris or soil from the snow peas. Additionally, you can soak them with vinegar solution for 20 minutes. Vinegar removes pesticide residue that may have stuck on the peas’ pods.
  • Trim the Pod’s ends and blemishes. Remove any spots or cuts on the pod’s skin, usually black. You also need to chop off both ends of the snow pea pods. Use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife and a chopping board.
  • Remove the Strings. The string usually holds the peas inside the pod and runs from side to side. The easiest way to remove the string is to clasp it and pull. Otherwise, you can still use a knife and effectively remove and dispose of it.
  • Slice the pod (Optional). If you want to cook the snow peas, you can slice them on a chopping board. However, leaving them intact is also an option.
How To Clean Snow Peas

There are numerous benefits of snow peas ranging from health to nutrition. Here are the most mind-blowing:

Benefits Of Snow Peas

They have low fat and calories but high levels of dietary fibres. The high fibre content increases your food content without increasing fat consumption. In addition, the fibre reduces constipation.

Like sugar snap peas, snow peas have high potassium and vitamin C levels. These two nutrients reduce blood pressure, regulate the cardiovascular system and repair damaged blood vessels.

Among the many minerals snow peas have are Manganese, potassium, and iron. These minerals lower your risk of osteoporosis, bone becoming brittle and losing tissue.

Snow peas contain Vitamin A and C. The former is critical in developing vision by reducing oxidative stress in the retina. The latter stimulates the body to produce more blood cells, protecting you from infections.

Where To Buy Snow Peas

Are you a customer wondering where to buy snow peas? You are at the right place. Frutplanet is a Kenya snow peas supplier whose core mission is to provide quality products at a competitive price.

We source our fresh snow peas from Kenyan regions with a history of yielding only quality peas. Some of these regions include the central highlands and western Kenya in counties such as Nyandarua, Meru, and Kiambu.


We Are Your Best Partner

Whether you’re looking for freezing snow peas or fresh snow peas, we’re your best partner. Harvesting and packaging are immediate for all our fresh snow peas orders to reduce any chances of contamination. Our delivery timelines vary depending on the destination and the order. You can contact our customer support for more engagement.

Frutplanet is the best  Kenya snow peas supplier and partner you can have. We are reliable and scrutinise the products to meet your desired quality level. From order delivery to customer satisfaction, Frutplanet is exemplary and incomparable. Make your Kenya snow peas quote today!

Snow Peas Prices in Kenya

Kenya’s current snow peas price is Ksh. 150 or US $1.50. However, the price of snow peas is bound to change with various shifts in the international markets and the demand-supply chain. Usually, the snow peas wholesale prices range between Ksh. 80 and Ksh. 400.

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